//ally// it's just so hard

to see tomorrow past tonight.

be happy please 🐯

*o my face*


*follow my friends*

*if u feel sad*

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Track: Year of the Rabbit
Artist: Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)
Album: Year of the Rabbit


don’t say goodnight! it’s not enough to get me through this night.
don’t say goodbye, it’s not alright to know you’re hurting and i cannot help you.
and they will never know what broke your heart.
and all the words escape from out of my mouth.

Track: Street Poetry
Artist: Twenty One Pilots

just another attempt to make the voices stop




How to keep yourself safe from iCloud hackers. Please make sure your auto photo sharing is turned off so that others don’t fall victim to having their photos stolen like those poor celebs.

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Let’s run away together,

explore nature together,

fall down and get up together,

let’s rule the world together.

(please don’t delete my caption)